Ludo money earning apps

Playing Indoor Games Ludo is one of the best apps to entertain yourself in your home and with your family. We loved to play the Ludo games on cardboard. But with time, we also prefer to play the Ludo Via Mobile Phones. So, if you want to get paid for your time on Ludo, here are the 10 Best Ludo Earning Apps.

Ludo is one of the fantastic and addictive games played worldwide from home and anywhere. Due to its easy rules and process, we all know and love to play Ludo. Today here we are going to turn your passion and entertainment into profit.

How can we Earn with Ludo Apps?

Ludo apps feature users earning Money by playing it with their opponents. Here you can play the Ludo with up to 4 members/ players. By beating, you can get Money on every win. 

Besides the Free Ludo matches, you can also play paid games to make Money from Ludo Apps easily. Similarly, playing live ludo tournaments is one of the best methods to win a good amount of Money from Ludo.

Also, the best Ludo earning apps mentioned here offer you easy and multiple withdrawal options. Depending upon your requirements, you can withdraw your Money easily.

10 Best Ludo Earning Apps for Real Cash

Let’s check out the best Ludo money-making apps in 2024. Depending upon its UI and payment history, we have mentioned the best and real Ludo earning apps that pay for you.

Sl.NoLudo Earning AppsDownload Links
01Ludo kingDownload
02Ludo NinjaDownload
03Ludu LeagueDownload
04Ludo FantasyDownload
05Ludo SupremeDownload
06skill LudoDownload
08Elite LudoDownload
09Ludo PremiumDownload

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the finest and most downloaded Ludo-earning apps that allows you to play both premia and free both games. This popular ludo app for real Money features the voice chat feature to make your ludo experience better and more enjoyable.

Playing this game can earn many coins and a daily bonus. Similarly, you can also get the signup referral bonus with this app. To make Money from Ludo App, you have different options to do.

Similarly, this app features you to play the game in 4 different modes. You can easily play this game online with your friends and family across the device or on a single machine.

Ludo Ninja

Another best ludo-earning app to get real Money by playing is Ludo Ninja. Ludo Ninja is another best and most advanced level ludo games featuring two different play modes. You can easily play the Ludo Game in this Ludo Ninja app in Turbo Mode or in Ninja Mode.

Besides, you can unlock the earning features from this Ludo app. You can participate in the different ludo games to collect real unlimited Money. 


  • While signing up, the app will provide Rs 10 as a signup bonus for the users like you.
  • you can refer your friends and families to earn Rs 30 in each successful referral in the name of playing the Ludo for entertainment.

Ludo League 

Another best Ludo App earning is Ludo League. Ludo League is a fantastic and unique ludo app that offers four game modes to play online or offline. You can watch play the Ludo game in a different mode with your family and friends.

Similarly, You can create your tournament in this app or join the paid contest to win/lose the game to earn Money. Playing live matches allows you to make Money easily from this Premium Ludo league app.

This game offers the play online, play two pegs live, play free games and play private games to entertain yourself.


  • The new users will get Rs 25 as the signup bonus.
  • you can join the referral program by inviting your friends to earn the actual cash for free.

Ludo Fantasy 

Willing to play the classic ludo game to earn Money online? If yes, then Ludo Fantasy is the best app for you. Ludo Fantasy is one of the best Ludo-making apps featuring one of the trending ludo games for you. Besides entertainment, you can also earn real Money.

Like regular ludo games, you can easily play the ludo game with your friends and family. Also, this real Money earning apps pay for your referral and a signup bonus for each user. 


  • Rs 25 signup bonus.
  • Rs 25 per referral.
  • Easy withdrawal method.
  • Easy gaming experience with the best ludo game.

Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is a premium and real ludo app powered by zupee. It’s one of the best ludo apps to earn real Money. This ludo app plays the real Money for the users. Also, you can play the 1va battle up to 3 in the game. This classic video game is well-optimized for gaming and experiencing real entertainment by earning Money.

This Ludo Supreme Gold app features users to pay the actual cash. You can get Rs 10 as the signup bonus. Also, you can get a referral bonus for each referral with your friends. 


  • Offers Rs 10 as the signup bonus.
  • Rs 5 per referral and a chance of winning up to Rs 100.
  • Free to play.
  • Live tournaments to win up to Rs 10 Lakh.

Skill Ludo

Skill Ludo is one of India’s trusted ludo apps that pay for you. You can join the Skill Ludo app to earn real cash with entertainment. This ludo app is optimized for the best ludo experience.

This game offers users to earn a good amount by referral. You can refer to your peer for a referral bonus, including the signup bonus. Additionally, it has an easy withdrawal option, so you can get a way to earn Money from ludo apps.


  • Easy to play the ludo game.
  • Get Rs 25 as the signup bonus.
  • Easy referral option to earn up to Rs 150 on each referral.
  • Rs 100 for Minimum withdrawal, easy to withdraw.


Mobile Premium League (MPL) is a famous online Mobile Gaming and eSports Platform that offers a Huge amount of games to play and win Real Money.

MPL provided Free and paid online Games. participate in any Game that you like and play well when you get a winning Rank will you win real cash. more skill More wins.

If you play online Games well then you will easily make ₹500 or More in a Day.It has now added fantasy Games like Cricket. Make a Team and win a Lakh of money on it.

Elite Ludo

Elite Ludo is one of the best Ludo-earning apps to win Money. This Ludo earning app features an easy and secure platform to play the Live Ludo Matches. Also, you can get referral options to get real cash quickly.

With the Free Sign up bonus and other excellent options to modernize your gameplay, this Elite Ludo app is unique and best for you. 

You can collect the cash rewards and other cash to get redeemed in Money via a Paytm wallet. Using this app, you can play with real opponents and get paid for entertainment. Also, you can join the live tournaments here to get more cash in the win.


  • Rs 10 as the signup bonus.
  • Rs 15 per referral and easy cash withdrawal.
  • The best Ludo is playing experience.

Ludo Premium 

The fancy Ludo app that provides free cash rewards in your gameplay is not other than Ludo Premium. This gameplay features an excessive gaming experience with optimized in-app ludo gaming.

Its Intuitive Interface with fantastic design makes your ludo experience better and easy to play. Like other best Ludo earning apps, this app lets you reach the actual cash by inviting and playing live games.

Additionally, the game features the create your private room to play with your friends in a group. Also, you can play the game with random users to collect the actual cash points.


  • Free Sign up bonus, Rs 15 per referral.
  • Easy cash withdrawal.
  • Incredible gaming experience.


WinZo Is the most popular ESports Gaming Platform. It has 70+ Games across all categories. If you have gaming then download winzo apk file and register with your phone Number. After that choose your favorite game where you have skill .

participate in that game with entry fees. When you got top port you have to win a real cash prize. The winning amount will be withdrawn directly to your UPI Account.


The best Ludo Earning Apps to Win Money will help you fill your digital wallet. To make it possible to earn Money, we have mentioned the best ludo apps to earn Money in 2022. here we have mentioned the best apps that offer players cash rewards.

The article on the best ludo apps to earn cash will be helpful for you. 

Is Ludo Earning Apps Safe in India?

Playing the Ludo earning app is safe to play. You can easily play and collect the cash point from the Ludo earning apps in India.

Which Ludo game app gives real Money?

The ludo app like Ludo King and Ludo Premium pays you real Money on each referral and gameplay.

Can I earn Money from Ludo?

With the best Ludo earning apps, you can easily make some money with entertainment in your leisure time.

Does Ludo king give real Money?

Yes, the real Ludo earning app like Ludo King pays money for your referral and win.

Which Ludo is best?

Elite Ludo is one of the best online Ludo to play Money online.

What is the trick to win Ludo?

You can play the easy Ludo earning app like Ludo King to win the Ludo match easily and win cash.