Best Money Earning Games in India 2023

Money earning games

Money-earning games without Investment are just like the Cherry on the Cake. It’s one of the biggest and happiest things in everyone’s life to make money by having fun. Is it possible to make money online playing games? Definitely yes, nowadays several money-earnings games pay for your Fun in return. Because of this to get extra income with entertainment and excitement we have prepared the Best 16 Real Money earning Games in India for you.

Are you searching for some work to make money? Or Searching for an easy method that even pays you for your Fun and Entertainment time? If yes then there are top money-earning games in India that value your fun time. Money-making games like Howzat pay for your time and fun.

Making the money online or from home may take some time for you. Also, several fake apps and sites are in existence that doesn’t value your fun time. Because of this, we are aware of such sites. To value your time we are going to help you by reviewing the 16 best money-earning games without Investment.

Money Earning Games Without Investment

Making money with the games was just like the fake concept till a few years back. But now we all believe the Games can also make money rich. As we know several Streamers are making handsome incomes from the games. Like this, you may 

also, be the one to make good money by playing games on Mobile.

Mobile games are becoming the best source of entertainment in today’s world. As of now, we have got thousands of Mobile games to play. Besides the top gaming like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, COC, etc. There are several games for entertainment but they didn’t pay for your time and entertainment.

By respecting the needs of all users we are here to guide you to the best app source to play and earn some money. 

Best Real Money Earning Games in India 2023

Sl.NoMoney earning Games AppsDownload Links
1HowzatDownload Here
2Classic Rummy 
Download Here
3Ludo king Download Here
4PokerBazziDownload Here
5Fantasy cricket Download Here
6CarromDownload Here
7TwinDownload Here
8MPLDownload Here
9PayTm first GamesDownload Here
10GanezopDownload Here
11WinZo GoldDownload Here
128 Ball pollDownload Here
13Brain BaaziDownload Here
14PlayerzpotDownload Here
15WinzoDownload Here
16ParimatchDownload Here

Top 16 The Best money earning games without investment

From Online sources, we can find the number of money-earning games online. But it’s a challenging task to find legit money-making games that pay for you. So, to make sure and value your time we are with the list of top money-earning games in India without Investment.

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As making money by playing games is not an easy task. With a lot of competitors, it will be challenging steps to win and get money. But depending upon your gaming ability you may get better results and income for your time and entertainment.


Earning games in india

The topmost platform that pays for your effort is Howzat. Howzat is one of ht well-known gaming platforms in India that includes weekly bonuses, and free slots to play tournaments and sports leagues. This is a best paytm money earning games.

Here you can make money easily by predicting the player’s performance. You just need to choose the particular player and forecast their performance. In return, you will get paid for your forecast if your prediction gets true. 

In this way, you can collect points that can be redeemed in a cash. In short, it’s one of the match prediction money-making games where you can play fantasy football and cricket easily.

Withdraw Options: Paytm, Google Pay, UPI

2.Classic Rummy

The well-known and top money-earning game in India from the Rummy platform is Classic Rummy. It’s one of the rummy-based apps featuring the 13 card rummy games. By playing the games on Classic rummy you can earn amazing prizes and money every day.

With the 9 different rummy games, you can play and collect real money from them. Besides the game also features free multi-player and multi-table tournaments to magnify your earnings with a risk-free.

You can access the Classic Rummy apps directly from the web-based or an Android app. Also, it’s one of the best money-earning games online that pay for your effort and time.

3. Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold is a tournament-based online game. This money-earning game is far different from the normal ludo. Yes, here you can play the live tournaments with other supreme gold users at any time. 

This money-earning app features to pay for their winning users in the tournament. If you can maintain a good score as compared to your competitors or strangers then you will be declared the winner. In return, the app pays for you. 

Features: The players with the highest score until 10 minutes of gameplay will be wont the matches.

4. Poker

Poker Dangal is a card game that’s quite popular because of its unique features. This game offers different gameplay for the users to make money. With the different tournaments for both the free and paid players, you can get a chance to collect good money in return. 

For a better experience, you can register with the mentioned fee and get the signup bonus too. With its clean, smooth, and exciting gaming experience, the gameplay will be smooth and best for you.

5. Fantasy Cricket

The live match-beating gaming platform that gives you a point for winning depending upon the performance of the player is quite popular in India. Users with a deep interest and ideology about the gaming forecast can make a good income from this platform.

Depending upon your team’s performance you and your team will get the points. Here you can get the two playing options, participation, and selection of the event. That’s fantasy cricket is another best money-earning game in India that pay on your win.

6. Carrom Clash

India’s largest Real money carrom game, Carrom clash offers a magnificent multiplayer board game. Here you can play several games and get paid for the win. 

To get points and earn money you just need to achieve the target and win the gameplay. After that, you will get paid. Here you can play several tournaments and get paid for every win. It’s one of the best gaming options for carrom players.

In this game, you just need to target particular coins. The two color coins (White or Black) are for you that need to pair the coin with the queen. 

Features: Offers the Sureshot cash after Defeating the Opponents.

7. Twin

Twin, Malamaal Hoga India! Is it another best money-earning games in India to offer several games? With its different categories, you can keep on enjoying your time and get paid points on win. With its highly categorized gameplay options, it’s another biggest platform to enjoy the game for the high stakes.

This money-earning game online offers the up to Rs 40000 welcome bonus with 400 free spins. If you love to play and win real cash then twin is just for you. 

8. MPL (Mobile Premier Leaguge)

Another recognized gaming platform to get money online is MPL. Mobile Premier League is one of the trusted platforms to make your online gaming journey better. Besides cricket, this game offers 60+ games to enjoy and win exciting offers and cash. 

 Fruit Dart, Pirate Tanks, Fruit Cutter, Tiny Militia, etc. Are the most played games on MPL. Besides this, you can also play the Free Fire tournaments for real cash. 

9. Paytm first Games

Paytm First Games offers users to play Ample interesting games to win cash in real-time. This game is sponsored by Paytm, A wallet company to make the online gaming world better than that. This gaming app allows users to get Paytm cash on every win. 

By playing the games you can collect rewards and cash. With more than 200 exciting games from different categories, you made it easy to choose the best games for your talent. Similarly, the number of tournaments, contests, and quizzes makes it possible to earn handsome money using Paytm First Money earning games in India.

10. Gamezop

With Gamezop you can earn extra cash beyond your pocket money. Yes, this platform allows you to increase your income potential with the number of fancy games to play. As it’s a multi-functional gaming platform you can enjoy several games like Rummy, Dun Shot, Hero Archer, etc. 

This game is not available in an App for Android. So, you can get direct access to your favorite games from the web browser, which saves your carrier charges too. The gaming price ranges from 1000 to 2000 Rs you can have a great potential to earn good money by playing several games in a day.

11. Winzo Gold

Like MPL this is another top money-earning game in India. Winzo’s another of India’s largest gaming apps to win real cash up to Rs 10 crore daily (As mentioned). This gaming platform allows users to play more than 15 games to magnify their earning potential.

Depending upon your gaming performance, score, and competitors your earnings are decided. Besides the gameplay, you can also make extra money with the referral program. 

12.8 Ball Pool

Money making games

Developed by Miniclip this one may be the best game to win real cash for the Pool users. The users who used to play the pool can have the potential to win real cash. 

Like other games here too it features a tournament to earn and win. Besides, the app pays Rs 15 per referral program. So, start referring your friends and family to get referral commission and steal the tournament to win the real heavy cash.

13. BrainBaazi

This app features gameplay regarding the quiz. If you are well-known with the GK and IQ then it’s one of the best money-earning games in India that pays for your win. As it has a lot of competitors but it’s one of the earning and learning games for you.

The gameplay features cash prizes and helps to magnify your thinking skills with the gk questions. From the different fields, the questions are asked for you. 

Besides, the quiz the live show from Monday to Friday pays for you. The winner of every live show will get real cash. It’s one of the passive sources of Income for students and colleges.

14. PlayerzPot

Enthusiastic gameplay that features in making money from fantasy leagues is being popular in India. Besides, the highly rated beating apps like 1Xbet, Rajbet, and SKYExch, this PlayerzPot offers users to participate in fantasy leagues. 

By joining this gaming platform you are offered to join several game leagues. You can join the live leagues of Football, Cricket, etc. Besides gaming, you can earn money with the unique referral code provided to you.

15. Winzo

With an active 50 million plus users, this game has already built trust among the users. So, if you are new to Winzo then it’s another well-established and legal gaming platform from India. This gaming platform features playing several games to win more money.

With more than 70 games you can increase your potential to make money. Here you can play various games and tournaments. Also, the supported payment methods make it easy for you to get cash out.

16. Parimatch

The topmost online beating app to win exciting cash prizes is one of the fantastic gameplay for you. This platform features live beating for the games and tournaments. 

Also, use the slots to win the prizes easily. Here you need to fill out your KYC details and deposit the collateral. 


Money earning games without Investment is one of the most challenging and competitive tasks for all of us. But if you are passionate about gaming then these games are one of the best sources to make money from mobile phones. 

In this article, we have mentioned the list and short review of top money earning games in India. We hope these money-making games will make it easy to get paid and respect your fun time.

Does Money Earning Games in India Legit?

The majority of the money-earning games are fake but some apps are legal and pay for you. The games like Howzat pay for your fun time.

Which is the best Money earning Game?

Depending on your gaming talent and interest the gaming app’s income potential may be different. All the games mentioned above are the best money-making games in India.

What are the different types of games that pay real money?

There are lots of online game available like fantasy cricket, casino,Quiz, esport game,video games etc that you give real money.

What are the most popular games that pay real money?

above we listed 16 best real Money Earning games. You should choose which is best for you and paly and earn real cash.