Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2024

Best fantasy cricket games

The majority of the sports lover in India is a fans of cricket. In India, cricket is loved more than other games. Because of this craze and news regarding Virat Kohli and Indian Premier League is always on trend. So, if you are willing to get the best fantasy cricket apps in India to explore the gaming experience then we are for you.

After making enough research on such fantasy gaming apps in India we have collected the best of them. Fantasy cricket apps are one of the best to get entertained with the cricket match. 

Fantasy Gaming Apps in India

Nowadays, fantasy apps in India are in trend. It’s becoming the passive source of making income from Mobile phones. With match prediction and other methods, you can make good money from such apps. 

As the name suggests these apps are made for entertainment plus to make income. Depending upon your interest and needs you can play out the match or beat the tournaments to win the real cash.

Top 10 Free Entry Fantasy Cricket Apps Download Here

As the number of new players on fantasy cricket apps is increasing day to day the options are also in number. But from all of these to secure your time and money we have mentioned the best fantasy apps in India to play and explore your gaming experience with the potential to earn real money.

here it’s the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps Download Here

Sl.NoFantasy apps Download Links
1Dream 11Download here
2My11CircleDownload here
3Real11Download here
4Paytm First GamesDownload here
5BallebaziDownload here
6NostaproDownload here
7HalaPlayDownload here
8Fan fightDownload here
9Fan2playDownload here
10Vission11Download here

10 Best fantasy cricket apps in India 2024

Dream 11

This is one of the biggest fantasy gaming apps in India to offer a wider range of games for its users/ players. Here you can find an online gateway to win exciting cash prizes. With more than 8 crores of users, this Fantasy cricket app has good ratings and reviews.

Gamers can find different features to unlock an earning potential. Here’s the cash poll, custom base players, daily offers, and other different tournaments to beat online.

Besides, cricket this gaming is also for players who love to play football, basketball, and other games to make money from home. Dream 11 is one of the best platforms to beat online and get guaranteed Instant cashback for your deposit. It’s a best fantasy app free entry.


l Free Rs 100 as a signup bonus.

l Just Rs 200 as the minimum withdrawal

l Rs 100 per referral as a bonus


Like the Name, this fantasy gaming app in India features to make members of 11 each team. After making a team of 11 members the team can compete with opponents to win the real money. It’s one is the best app to compete and get a chance to win and get instant cash.

With more than 5M downloads this app is also making a good image among the players. It’s another trusted platform that helps you to play online for different games.

Besides this platform also features to play well-known games like Kabaddi, Football, Basketball, etc.


l Free Rs 500 as Sing up Bonus.

l Rs 100 as the minimum withdrawal

l Rs 500 per referral as a bonus

l Chance to win the Big Pool Prize of Rs 30 Lakh


Featuring Gautam Gambhir as the brand ambassador for this Real11 the app is getting a good level of trust among the users. This is also another most loved fantasy app with free entry. While signing up the users will get Rs 50 as a signup bonus.

This amazing gaming app features the spot & live fantasy including different offers and contests. With its second-inning contest, it’s one of the best fantasy apps in India targeting small players with just Rs 1 to play. One can start playing by paying just Rs 1.


l Free Rs 50 as Sign-up Bonus.

l Rs 50 as a referral bonus on each referral.

l Minimum withdrawal of Rs 200.

Paytm First Games

An official product of Paytm has also made its platform to engage the whole Indian live gamers in a single platform. Paytm First Games is one of the well-established gaming platforms that offer cricket beating and live tournaments.

With the brand ambassador of Sachin Tendulkar, this fantasy cricket app in India is popular. It’s one of the trustworthy gaming apps in India to make money from Home.

This fantasy gaming app in India has already paid a huge amount to the winner and their users. With the chance to win Rs 5 crore daily, this gaming platform made its name on just over cricket. 

Besides cricket, you can also play other multiple games to make money like Ludo, Puzzle games and Rummy, etc.


l Free Sign up.

l Easy Deposit and Instant Withdrawal.

l Referral options, referral rewarding program.

l 60+ Games to play

l Trusted platform, Subsidy of Paytm.

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Another fantasy cricket app in India that offers several slots and gameplay for you is BalleBaazi. it’s offers several features to its users. Like Paytm First Games it’s also one of the trusted gaming platforms to beat and play online.

Apart from cricket, you can also play other games like Baseball, Football, Kabaddi, etc. To get rewards in return. With its minimum withdrawal options, you can extra ease to get paid on time for your rewards.


l Free Sign up.

l Rs 10 as minimum withdrawal.

l Biggest hubs of rewards.

l Referral rewarding program.

l 15+ Games to play and win exciting rewards.

Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro is one of the top fantasy apps in India too offers several gameplays from different categories. It’s another trusted platform with millions of users from India. 

Besides cricket fantasy, you can also play other games by taking part in fantasy teams. Here you can get and collect the rewards by predicting the matches.

Its predict and win feature is great. Here the users can predict the winner of the match to win exciting rewards. Besides you can keep on enjoying the game plays like Tennis, Badminton, etc. 


l Predict and Win rewards.

l Several games to play from different categories.

l Minimum withdrawal amount of Just Rs 21 after the first withdrawal of Rs 100.

l Referral rewarding program.


With more than 10M userbases this best fantasy cricket app in India had made a good image for the players. Introduced in 2017 this gaming app is offering machine learning and data analytics to improve and analyze the chance to win the games.

Here users like you can play the matches daily or weekly. Also, you can create a custom league with your criteria to play it. As it’s a fully customizable fantasy gaming app in India through which you can analyze the performance against other users too.


l Customizable Leagues create your leagues with custom winning criteria.

l Easy money withdrawal

l Play the matches daily or weekly.

l Easy signup, 0% platform fee.

Fan fight

FanFight offers different options to play games online. With more than 6M downloads this gaming platform is also one of the fantasy apps with free entry. Compared to other gaming apps this fantasy gaming app offers 20X more winnings with 100% usable extra cash for the users.

With the chance of winning 1 Crore daily, the users are more active on it. Also, the minimum withdrawal of Rs 250 makes it easy to get paid on time for small users too.


l Fantasy Apps with free Entry.

l Minimum withdrawal of Rs 250.

l Multiple fantasy sports to play and win.

l Huge rewards options.

l 20X more winnings with 100% extra cash.


Fan2Play game features a unique 2 way of participation. With these features, the users can create the plus accept and complete the games. Also, the one vs one match features make users get more freedom in live gaming. 

Fan2Play offers the best fantasy gaming platform to play games with friends, families, and other users of it. Besides, it’s a unique 2-way participation you can also make the custom team up to 4 players without a credit limit.


l Free Signup with a Bonus of Rs 20.

l Minimum Withdrawal of Rs 100 only.

l Referral bonus of Rs 20 each.


Vision11 is a step towards your Vision. Vision11 is another trusted and best fantasy cricket app in India to offer Rs 10 crore daily winnings. With over 3M+ trusted users this gaming platform had made its brand value.

With the WELCOME bonus of Rs 100, this gaming app offers a huge pool of players. Here you can start playing to get a score. To win the real cash you play out the different matches including the beating on live tournaments.


Sign up Bonus of Rs 100.

Referral Bonus of Rs 100 each.

Minimum withdrawal of Rs 100 each.

10 Best fantasy cricket apps in india 2024 My Last Words.

So, these are the free entry fantasy cricket apps in India for live tournaments, and gameplay to win real cash. By taking enough time we have prepared the top 10 best fantasy cricket apps in India for you.

Here we have included the trusted and well-known gaming platforms which are legally obtained. To safeguard your time and money we had done our best to support you with the above best fantasy cricket apps in India .We discuss here some most popular and some are best fantasy app with low competition.

Best fantasy cricket apps in India FAQ

What is Fantasy Apps?

Fantasy Apps are those apps made to make play online live games, and beat online for live tournaments.

Which is the best Fantasy Cricket App?

Paytm First Games, Visio11, Dream11, etc. Are a well-known fantasy cricket app to play and win exciting offers.