Top 10 Refer and Earn Applications in India

Refer and earning app

If you willing to make money online from home? If yes then we are here with the best refer and earn app without investment. Refer and Earn is one of the finest and easiest methods to make money online without investment. So, guys, it’s one of the best methods to make money online from home and get easy payment. Here are the best refer and earn applications in India to make money online from home.

Nowadays, almost all apps and companies provide the features to get the maximum number of leads with the affiliate program. An affiliate program just deals with the refer and earn. Using the refer and earn features you can multiply your earning potential by sitting on the home. 

As compared to the other countries the number of such refer and earn companies is large. Because of this we are with the best refer and earning apps in India for you to make money from your mobile phone. 

What is Refer and Earn App

Refer and Earn apps are those apps that provide affiliate options to their users. Using the refer and earn features one can get cash rewards on every sale or leads from your custom link. 

In the play store, you can find millions of apps to download. If it’s a service-based app and premium apps and services then such a platform provides the refer and earn facilities. 

Using these features one can get the referral link which can be shared with friends and families. With that particular links, the users will get the lead and get paid for that.

Depending on the Apps and their services the referral bonus may be different. Anyway, if you are in searching for the best refer and earn application in India then here’s.

11 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India to Join Right now

Check out the best refer and earn money apps in India to join and collect real money for your shopping. Depending upon the earning capacity and rigidity we have mentioned the topmost refer and earn apps for you.

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3Amazon PayDownload
4Paytm payDownload
8Coin switch kuberDownload
10Pocket MoneyDownload

Best Refer and earn applications in India 2023

below we are briefly discussing the 11 best refer and earn apps for real cash in 2022. These apps will easily be Available on Playstore, so it is reliable and trusted also. you can make lots of pocket money from it by referring your friend or other people. More referring more earnings.

so get started

1. Cred

Cred is one of the finest apps to manage the rewards for paying credit card bills. Using this Cred app for Android and iOS you can manage the payment easily from your credit cards.

As the name suggests, this app is used to manage credit cards. With this app, you can check on all transactions easily including the savings on each payment via credit card.

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Coming to the point, this app offers the refer and earn program. Using this program you can get rewards for each referral joining. They pay 10 Cred coins on each referral that can be exchanged in the form of Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber Gift vouchers.


  • Pay rewards for paying the credit card bills
  • 10 Cred coins on each referral.
  • Easy redeem in Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber Gift Card.

2. Upstox

Upstox is one of the trading software used to trade shares and mutual funds online. It’s one of the financial platforms that guide an Investment in Indian capital markets. 

So, the people searching for the best refer and earn app without investment it’s one of the best options for you. As with Cred, you don’t need to get the service of these all. Here you can just join my Creating an Account and then the referral program.

It offers a referral commission program for each successful joining. Here you can get Rs 200 per user joined. After completing the KYC details and formalities you will get Rs 200 in your account that can be out via your digital payment wallets.


  • Pay Rs 200 per successful referral.
  • Easy cash withdrawal
  • Trusted platform.

3. Amazon pay

Do you know amazon has the biggest affiliate program for publishers and users like you? As we all know about Amazon. Amazon is one of the world’s topmost eCommerce platforms that sell millions of products globally. So, Besides this, Amazon has its Digital wallet. If you are in search of references and earning apps in India then Amazon Pay is for you.

Like other Digital wallets, this wallet also offers users to refer and earn features. Using the Amazon pay unique referral code you can get Rs 75 as a referral balance that can be used for Online transactions and mobile top-ups.

Similarly, it will be best if your friend performs the first transaction after completing the KYC with your referral signup. Both of you will get Rs 125 bonus after the first transaction.


  • Referral bonus up to Rs 125 per user.
  • Trusted payment digital wallet.

4. Paytm pay

Paytm is one of the topmost wallets in India that offers various payments easily. These days we all used to customize our daily basis to big transactions using mobile phone from phones. So, for this Paytm is one of the biggest solutions for us.

Besides the mobile top-up, TV Recharge, and other bill payments you can now use Paytm Pay as a source of Income. As the trend of using Digital wallets is increasing day to day. So, it’s one of the opportunities to grab the refer and earn from the new users who are not using Paytm.

You can influence them about Paytm with its importance and convenience in daily life. Here for downloading the Paytm app for others you can provide your unique link to them, from where you get the referral bonus.


  • Easy to refer and earn from friends and family.
  • Large potential to get a referral commission.
  • Instant referral bonus on your wallet.

5.ySense Survey

An online company that pays for your valuable time on the survey is the ySense Survey. ySense Survey is one of the finest platforms from where you can earn money by completing the surveys easily.

Besides, it has a lot he invitation features through which you get paid for each successful invitation. Here you can earn good money with two methods, completing the surveys and referral from an affiliate program.

With the ySense, you will get good income from your expenses. Here you just need to get sign up and start playing and referring with your friends, families, and strangers.


  • Easy to refer and get paid.
  • Earn up to 30% referral commission from each successful referral.
  • Online surveys to get paid and earn.
  • Supports the multiple Payment options for withdrawal.
  • Extra $2.0 bonus on sign-up.

6. Taskbucks

The app that pays for your feedback for the products and services is taskbuks. This app pays for your quality feedback for any products and services from the different categories. It will provide rewards for each honest feedback there.

Taskbucks is one of the oldest and most trusted platforms to get money online from home. Since 2015 this app is providing online surveys and feedback tasks for users like you to earn small pocket money for you.

Here you can earn money by completing the quizzes, installing the apps, and completing as well as referring.

You can use the refer and earn features to get the best and easy rewards points. These points can be redeemed via the Paytm wallet in India. In short, it’s one of the trusted refer and earns apps without investment in India.


  • Easy refer and earn features.
  • Free signup with bonus.
  • Rs 25 on each successful referral.
  • Multiple options to earn points.

7. Groww

It’s one of the financial apps that lets you manipulate your mutual funds. Using this app you can buy and sells stocks, and mutual funds. It’s one of the leading apps to get traded online. Like other apps, you can also use this app just to refer and earn money online.

Using the refer and earn features you can increase your earning potential. Here you need to create an account first and start referring to anyone. The app pays Rs 100 on each successful referral. 

Its automatic bank deposit features are impressive. Yes, the commission earned by the users will be get deposited in the bank account directly if the users don’t withdraw or invest that money in funds.

Join Now on Grow and Get Instant Rs.25 in your Grow Account.


  • Easy to sign up and refer.
  • Rs 100 on each successful referral.
  • Easy bank deposit of referral bonus.

8.CoinSwitch kuber

This crypto trading app is one of the wonderful options to make money from the referral program. This app features a premium referral program through which you will get a good income from each valid referral. 

With this crypto trading app, you can trade your crypto for earnings. Besides, it has features to gain crypto. It’s enough for you to refer the friends at its trust level. 

It’s one of the most secure and reliable crypto trading apps in India that pays real money for referrals. Here you can get Rs 50 as the signup bonus. And also, Rs 50 on each successful referral to your friends and families.


  • Trusted platform, easy to refer and earn.
  • Rs 50 signup bonus for every user.
  • Rs 50 as a referral bonus from each user.

9. Cashkaro

The topmost refer and earn application in India that has the highest potential to make money from home is Cashkaro. CashKaro is one of the online shopping platforms that offer a free sign bonus for users. With this app, you can save up to Rs 10,000 per month on online purchasing.

Besides this, it has a referral program that pays the best rate for you. Here we can get 10% cashback up to Rs 1000 for a single referral. Besides, if you refer 20 users then you can get the Referal bonus of Rs 1000 there.

Cashkaro is one of the finest apps that pay for each successful referral. Besides, you can also use its in-shopping features to save extra money from different eCommerce stores.


  • Easy to sign and free bonus.
  • 10% cash back on the first referral.
  • Easy to refer and get paid.

10. Pocket Money

Another friendly app that pays for you is Pocket Money. Pocket Money is another finest app that features users to earn unlimited free mobile recharges and wallet cash by completing minor and referring tasks.

This is one of the best refer and earn apps without investment where you can get money from the easy referral of Rs 160 daily. To refer and earn you can Download the app and start referring friends and families.


  • Unlimited Paytm cash.
  • Easy to refer and earn daily.
  • Instant referral bonus withdrawal.

11. Helo

Helo App offers free Paytm cash for you. It’s another best refer and earn money app in India to offer several earning options. Here you can earn the money from the different tasks. Also, the refer and earn option works here.

By using your referral code you can invite friends to join the app and get paid. It’s one of the highest-paying referral programs that pay the real money for your referral.


  • Easy to refer and earn.
  • Instant withdrawal.


To make extra money for fulfilling your pocket needs we have mentioned the best referral and earn app without investment for you. In this article, we tried our best to include the topmost apps that pay the money for your referral program.

How Does Refer and Earn App Work?

Refer and Earn features generate intent-based leads for them (who offer this program). So, with successful referrals, they will get the successful lead to get more sales and others.

How much can I earn from Refer and Earn?

Depending upon the app and your leads your income from the refer and earn is decided.

Which is the best App to earn real money?

Paytm and Amazon Pay are the best app for referring and earning. This app pays real money and is also easy to refer to anyone.

How to Withdraw money for Refer and Earn App?

You can withdraw money easily from the refer and earn money app. For this, you just need to have the supported UPI payment wallet with you.