India after Corona essay in English – Hello friends, welcome to all of you, in present time we are going through the phase of Kovid 19 pandemic. In time we are becoming aware about all the things, but even today there are many people who find this covid 19 minor or people do not know about it, time has made us all aware of one aspect about this pandemic. at present we are seeing a different India and India after Corona will be even more different.

Humans keep on developing with time, and a different civilization is born, many civilizations have come and gone in India and the world, but culture is what we have inherited, so we can say that as much as humans develop. After that there is a change in it after one cycle, in today’s time we are going through the phase of covid 19 epidemic, with time we have seen a lot of ups and downs, first wave followed by second wave and today giving decade The third wave is such that the direction and condition of India has changed a lot, how will the coming time be, today we will know through this post. How will be India after Corona essay in English, let’s know.

India after corona essay english

India after Corona essay 10 lines

  1. The whole world was in the grip of Corona, in the present time all the sectors have started growing slowly, with the passage of time the circumstances change, Kovid 19 is an example of that.
  2. There has been a change in the direction and condition of India after Kovid 19, today people are becoming aware about health, the number of people investing in the health sector is increasing very fast.
  3. There has been a boom in the power sector after Corona, in August 2019, the power sector recorded a growth of 14.9%, while in August 2021, the power sector registered a record growth of 17.1%.
  4. In August 2021, Railways has carried 11.05 million tonnes of freight, which is 16.9% more than in August 2020 and if compared with before Corona i.e. August 2019, then this figure is 21.4% more.
  5. After Corona, the number of people doing UPI transactions in India has increased significantly, over time people have reduced keeping cash.
  6. Very few people used to do online shopping in India earlier and in today’s time this number is increasing very much.
  7. If we talk about investment, then in today’s time people are investing in IT sector and health sector, because this is the future of India.
  8. With the passage of time, there is an increase in all the sectors, in the same way there has been an increase in the field of education, the level of online education is increasing, people are becoming aware.
  9. India after Corona is a wonderful India where you will get to see morality and love, people have helped each other a lot in the covid crisis.
  10. It takes time to compensate for the global pandemic, but India’s condition is much better than other countries of the world, India has worked in the health sector at the right time, and we have been able to avoid this epidemic in today’s time.

India after Corona essay 100 words

When Corona had knocked in the world, not only did the disaster come to life, but the economies were also destroyed and its direct hit on the developing countries, and India is one of them.

The Government of India had set a target of five trillion economy by 2024-25, but even on this target, Corona had a strong dent, and the workers were locked in their homes and the industries were locked, along with this, such a noose was hanging on the small factories.

The situation has come to the point of tying the sack and bed. India is taking time to recover after Kovid 19, a sudden crisis has taken away a lot of people, then the same Kovid 19 has also made people aware, people have started thinking about their health and diet, and a Moving towards a new civilization.

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India after Corona essay in 200 words

All the information that has been given about the corona virus in today’s time has finally been collected in that vessel of the Indian psyche, which has traditionally been filled with the chemicals of discrimination, untouchability and class discrimination, and corona infection. In the period before India adopts new type of discrimination and untouchability practices, there is a need to take intensive initiative.

Today whenever we talk about rural economy, then only the picture of farm and farming emerges in front of our eyes, but the truth is that rural economy has more options and diversity than big industries, and from handloom to agriculture- From horticulture based industries, forest produce based industries to arts, culture, construction skills, education and health services, there are more than 100 options, now there is a need to make a policy of building a new India by combining these options together.

In the present India, when we envisage a new model of development in the Indian context, then we are seen developing new technology, and after the same Kovid 19, there has been an increase in the health sector, which will take India towards a developed nation. leading the way. Today we are moving towards New India, where we are writing a new definition of development, so that with time we can explore the possibility of development, after Kovid 19, new schemes are coming up, which is in the interest of the country.

India after Corona essay 300 words

At present, corona is not just a pandemic but it has become an important dividing line to define the contemporary era, now times have changed, corona is becoming the center of standard discussion like pre and post corona, because the disease caused by corona virus covid19, There is hardly any corner of the world left from -19 in today’s time, in such a situation it is natural to have an impact on the global infrastructure, and it has been more than a year since this global disaster started and still many people have not been able to fully deal with it.

It may take more years, and in this transition period there seems to be a vast change in the world and looking at the nature of these changes, it can be said that this ‘post corona world’ i.e. the world after corona is no longer the same. and a change in the global structure and landscape is imminent due to this global pandemic,

Before covid-19, China’s stature and supremacy on the international scene was increasing continuously, but the Trump administration had also made some efforts to curb its increasing dominance, but they did not prove to be very fruitful, and China was trying to control international institutions. And is gathering in arbitrariness defying the laws, and he had also taken many small and big countries under his influence, in the meantime, the knocking corona disaster has broken the color of China, and the origin of the corona virus Due to being a country and keeping the whole world in the dark about it, a bad perception has been created against China, on which China has done everything due to its oppression, and when the world has come out of its door from the virus.

When China was busy in saving lives, then China was busy showing its grandeur, and it threatened the World Health Organization (WHO) in such a way that the then US President Donald Trump, being enraged by it, considered it appropriate to break America’s ties with this institution. At the global level, the attitude of people about India has changed and after Corona, there is a competition to establish friendly relations with India all over the world.

India after Corona essay 500 words

India’s situation has changed a lot globally, today’s India was different from before Corona, many changes are being seen in today’s India, where on one hand we are moving towards the third decade of the 21st century. The scale of development is changing, people are becoming aware and busy in their dimension. We are seeing a unique change all around, today’s India is creating a new record with the passage of time, today we are moving ahead in all the fields, Covid 19 has taught India a lot, today we are taking the same initiative.

Corona ruined the country’s economy

When Corona had knocked in the world in 2020, not only did the disaster come to life, but the economies were also destroyed and its direct hit has been on the developing countries and India is also a developing country and the government has committed five trillion rupees by 2024-25. The target of the economy was set, but even on that goal, Corona has had a strong dent, and the workers were locked in their homes and the industries were locked, its effect on the small factories, it has come to hang the noose till the sack-bed has been tied.

Growth in ‘Power Sector’ after Corona

As we talk in today’s time, now slowly but surely all the sectors are recovering from the impact of Corona, and at least some sectors are showing similar signs and the data shows that most of the Growth on ‘power’ Sector’, and before Corona, that is, in August 2019, the power sector recorded a growth of 14.9%, but in August 2021, the power sector registered a record growth of 17.1%.

Growth in UPI payment

Apart from the figures, the clear, improved and simple thing is that at present, the health of the economy can be considered good only when there is money in the pocket of the common man and during the Corona period, the country saw how the poor were not hungry and kept in their pockets. Was eating accordingly, but the situation is slowly changing, and in today’s time UPI payment is at a record level and in August 2021, ₹ 6.39 lakh crore has been paid in the country through UPI mode and from UPI in July 2021 ₹ 6.06 lakh crore was paid, this is a huge jump after a Covid 19.

Government Economy Growth

Currently the government treasury is also filling up, and in the first quarter of the current financial year i.e. April-June 2021, the government has got a tax revenue of Rs 5.29 lakh crore, which is 2.5 times more than the first quarter of the financial year 2020-21. . In this way many changes are being seen after Covid 19.

change in education

At present, through education we are just distributing titles and in fact now India may need to rewrite the definition of education, if society starts standing with each other in the transition period of Corona. and help them, then is not able to feel their sorrow, then it becomes clear that our education has not taught us to behave in fraternity and co-existence, then we need such education, which will help children and Connecting the youth to the society and their local environment and developing the ability to take leadership in rectifying the socio-economic, and cultural discrepancies, only then will the level of education change.

Environment and Ecology

In today’s time, wildlife is being told as the main reason behind the rise of corona, then bats live in the forests, but when the forests are cut, then they start reaching those places where there are trees and they It starts hovering around us, the way forests, mountains and rivers are being damaged, it is certain that human civilization will have to face new and deadly epidemics, so after Covid 19, we need to be environmentally conscious.

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